Accident management

With SG Fleet, you can benefit from dedicated accident management support. If you or one of your drivers has been involved in an accident, we can help get the vehicle back on the road, ensuring your business keeps running.

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Accident management and assistance

In the event of an accident, you have access to a Driver Assistance Line, which is routed directly to your accident management team. This approach gives you and your drivers a complete end-to-end solution should you need assistance.

In addition to this, we have a number of procedures in place to ensure the process runs smoothly. These include:

First notification of loss and repair allocation

A highly skilled team of call handlers manages First Notification of Loss (FNOL). The team make no distinction between in-hours and out-of-hours services, so you are guaranteed the same exacting standards and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) regardless of the time of day.

Accident information captures process

Capturing high quality information at the start of the process is essential to guarantee the progress speed and success of the incident management procedure (including third-party intervention and the prevention of fraud).

The incident details captured during this process include:

  • Circumstances
  • Details of any witnesses
  • Indication of blame
  • Number of passengers or injuries
  • Police involvement
  • Speed
  • Stolen items
  • Third-party details
  • Weather conditions

Details of every incident are recorded on within an internal incident management system. The data captured throughout the claims process is updated into case files, providing information such as:

  • Incident location
  • Repair costs
  • Damage images
  • Third party information
  • Audit trail of claims handling activity

Repair management

Based on the severity of the damage, the vehicle profile and customer/insurer requirements, the system automatically chooses the right repair partner. Using its direct integration into supplier systems, a new notification is automatically sent to the relevant supplier’s estimating system, accurately transferring the necessary details. The system is used business-wide, meaning that all relevant parties will have access to the same information and follow the same procedures.

We have close working relationships with repairers throughout the UK, meaning you will benefit from UK-wide coverage and specialist services. The current fixed network consists of:

  • 196 body shops performing car and van repairs
  • 45 body shops performing commercial vehicle repairs
  • 250 mobile and SMART repair technicians

The vast majority of the repairs currently authorised are now completed using the Audatex visual imaging and estimating system, which dramatically reduces the need for field inspections and associated costs, such as field inspection fees and downtime costs.

Data received from the system (including images) is uploaded and then made available for you to view via your bespoke web portal. The available information includes:

  • Estimated costs
  • Damage images
  • Final repair invoices

Total loss management process

If a vehicle is put forward for total loss, we will instruct a vehicle salvage company on your behalf, chosen from our accredited supply chain.

Online accident reporting

You can access all data that has been created via your bespoke accident portal. This data is presented in real-time, so as soon as a claim is captured within the system, you will be able to view it within seconds.

As the portal is updated in real-time, you can access the most up-to-date information, whether that is to obtain a list of claims reported on a specific date, or details on the status of a repair. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, the type of reports and data that can be viewed include:

  • Claim type
  • Vehicle downtime
  • Incident data analysis
  • Incident cost analysis
  • Driver fault analysis
  • ULR recovered/outstanding
  • Vehicle off-road times


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