Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy


Dispute resolution: Our promise to you


Our staff at all levels have a commitment to the efficient and fair resolution of complaints. All complaints will be responded to in a positive manner enabling the customer to contribute to the improvement of the company’s services and products.


The complaint handling process will be fair to both the customer making the complaint, the person or persons about whom the complaint is made and SG Fleet. The review of your case will always be thorough and impartial, with the intention of meeting a resolution.


We will ensure that complaints are handled by staff with the appropriate level of experience to resolve the complaints in a timely manner.


All complaints will be dealt with promptly and you will be treated in a courteous manner. If the complaint investigation is prolonged, you will be kept regularly informed of its progress. We aim to resolve all complaints within 30 days.

For the purpose of our Complaint Handling and Disputes Resolution Procedures, SG Fleet means:

  • SG Fleet Australia Pty Limited;
  • NLC Pty Ltd;
  • NLC Insurance Pty Ltd;
  • NLC Finance Pty Ltd; and
  • Vehicle Insurance Underwriters Pty Ltd.


We welcome your feedback

At SG Fleet we work hard to make your experience as seamless as possible. When we fall short, we are committed to improve our processes to make them more customer centric. If you are unhappy with our products or services, we would like you to tell us, so we can investigate and where appropriate take action to correct the situation and prevent it from happening again. 


How to make a complaint


Call Us: You may lodge a complaint by calling us: 1300 138 235

In writing: You can write to us directly as follows;

Attention: Customer Experience team

SG Fleet Australia Pty Limited
Locked bag 1003
Gordon, NSW 2072 Australia


How we handle your complaint

We will aim to resolve your complaint wherever possible at the first point of contact or as quickly as possible thereafter. If you are satisfied with our response, we will send you confirmation articulating the mutually agreed resolution and reasoning.

In order to investigate your complaint, we may request the following:

  • Your vehicle registration and contract details;
  • The name of the person at SG Fleet you have been liaising with;
  • The nature of the complaint;
  • Details of any steps you have already taken to resolve the complaint;
  • Information to support your complaint.

If you call us to make a complaint, we will ask you to confirm that we have understood your complaint correctly.  We will provide you with the contact information of the person who will assist you and a reference number for your complaint.

If your SG Fleet representative is unable to resolve your complaint, or you are dissatisfied with the response within 5 business days, it will be escalated internally for further review, in accordance with our Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Procedures.

We will consider the information you have provided to us, our actions in relation to your dealings with us, and any other information relevant to your complaint. In our investigation of your complaint we may need to seek further clarification or information from you to assist in resolving your complaint.

We always aim to resolve complaints as quickly as reasonably possible, however, some complaints may take longer to resolve due to the complexity of the complaint. Should it apply to you, before our 30-day timeframe to respond has elapsed, we will let you know why it is taking longer, what is happening, and when you can expect a response. If you are not satisfied with our proposed approach to resolving the complex complaint and;

  • the product is from one of our companies that is a member of Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) or,
  • the product is from a company outside of the SG Fleet Group and that company is a member of AFCA,

you can choose to complain to AFCA (contact details below). Please ensure you lodge the complaint against the company which has provided the relevant product.

Once we have finalised your complaint, we will advise you of our findings, the reasons for those findings and any action we have taken or propose to take. We will do this in writing, unless it has been mutually agreed that we can provide it to you verbally.


What to do if you are not satisfied with the outcome

If you feel that our response has not fairly resolved your complaint, the following options may be available to you:

Our customer advocate

SG Fleet have an appointed Customer Advocate that maintains independence of operational teams that we can offer to you if you remain dissatisfied with the outcome or you believe SG Fleet did not provide you with a fair resolution to your complaint. The Customer Advocate will investigate your concerns and provide a final recommendation. SG Fleet will accept and abide by the final recommendation made by the Customer Advocate.

Australian Financial Complaints Authority

NLC Insurance Pty Ltd, NLC Finance Pty Ltd and Vehicle Insurance Underwriters Pty Ltd are members of an external dispute resolution body, The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). If the product you are complaining about has been provided to you by these entities, subject to eligibility, you may be able to refer your complaint to AFCA.

Access to AFCA is free of charge to you. They offer fair, independent and accessible dispute resolution for consumers and small business that are unable to resolve complaints directly with member financial services providers. Please note that before AFCA can investigate your complaint, AFCA requires you to have first provided us with the opportunity to address the complaint.

If you would like further information about AFCA go to

AFCA can be contacted on:

Call: 1800 931 678

Post: GPO Box 3, Melbourne, Victoria 3001

Email address:

Additional assistance

SG Fleet is committed to assisting people who may have difficulties in lodging a complaint. If you require additional assistance, please ask for our Customer Experience team who will walk you through the process and advise you who your SG Fleet representative will be that will work to resolve your complaint. If you require an interpreter when speaking to our team you can use a free government phone interpreting service. The TIS National interpreting Service is available at Further information about interpreting services is available on their website. 


Insurance policies distributed by SG Fleet acting as agent or authorised representative of another Australian Financial Services License holder

1. If your complaint is related to an insurance policy distributed by SG Fleet on behalf of another Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL), that is not part of SG Fleet, we must notify them. This allows them to resolve the matter or deal with it in accordance with their own internal dispute resolution processes as required by ASIC Regulatory Guide 271 and/or as required by the General Insurance Code of Practice.

2. If your complaint is in connection with an insurance company’s conduct such as their handling of your insurance claim, we will direct you to contact the insurer directly.  This allows them to resolve the matter or deal with it in accordance with their own internal dispute resolution processes. The only exception to this is where we have issued the contract of insurance as agent of the insurance company under a binding agreement. If applicable, your complaint will initially be dealt with under our own internal Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Procedures.

We will acknowledge your complaint referred to above within one business day from receiving it. This will be done by phone, post or email. We will then notify the appropriate AFSL holder of the complaint and work together to resolve the matter in line with the required timeframes and their internal dispute resolution guidelines. You will receive a final response to your complaint within 30 days. If the matter is complex and a longer period is required, you will be informed.